You're a mysterious traveler who warps through a portal and gets stranded in strange ruins. Find your way out of this place by solving the puzzles of these ruins.


  • Move Up/Down/Left/Right: WASD or arrow keys
  • Interact: E, F or Space
  • Mute audio: M


Download 16 MB


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Good work in the jam, I liked it. :)


Great video, thanks for the playthrough and feedback!

nice! interesting mechanic, pretty easy.

laser puzzle with mystic style, I' amused by it!

Amazing game, it is very appealing what you did with the lasers, or whatever they are. I hope you make more similar to this!

Thank you :) we're in the concept phase for a 2D RPG right now and are planning to get the first demo out in around a month.

Got an error... 

Hi, sorry about that. I reuploaded it without embedded .pck's. Hope it works now!

It's running now. Thanks! :)